Slavka Jancikova

Vice President Marketing EMEA
Foot Locker
‘’Authenticity and genuineness are things that this generation puts above all’’
When it comes to Gen-Z marketing Slavka Jancikova, VP Marketing EMEA at Foot Locker, believes that ‘you should definitely avoid being inauthentic’. But how can you be genuine as a brand? Slavka joined Foot Locker in the summer of 2023 and it is her job to make the American sports shoe store chain appealing to Gen-Z. Before joining Foot Locker, Slavka had been building world class brands at Unilever, Nike and Adidas.  

In this episode Klaas Weima is going to talk with Slavka Jancikova, VP Marketing EMEA at Foot Locker about Gen-Z marketing.
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